Marketing 281 Course Outline

Marketing 281 Syllabus (Fall 2017)

COTR / ATBO Defining our Standards

Grades (updated December 13)

It was a real pleasure to work with you guys this term!  You're all really smart with huge potential - it was great to hear your ideas and thoughts this term. You are the leaders of tomorrow so make great things happen! All the best in the winter and I hope to see you out on the slopes! Don't be strangers. 


Class 2

Seth Godin - The Tribes we Lead
Derek Sivers - How to Start a Movement
Summary of Take-aways

Class 3

Marketing Environment Diagram

Class 4

Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Product Life Cycle
Exam questions (example)

Class 6 & 7

Distribution Notes
Consumer Behaviour
Price Notes  (updated Nov 15)

Class 8

Price Notes
Exam questions (example)

Class 10, 11, 12

Example Grant Application (promotion/metrics/interest)
Destination BC Brand Guidelines (branding)
COTR Brand Guidelines (branding)
Promotion Notes

Class 13

Exam Questions (example)
Sustainability Class Notes  

Class 15

Bring CAKE if you feel the love.  Otherwise Magi will have cake to share anyway.